About Slat Decor

Slat Decor is a part of the BHK Group, which has plants in Germany, Lithuania, Poland and England. BHK are trusted by some of the largest furniture and kitchen manufacturers in the UK and EU to produce high-quality wood-based components for their products. We are FSC accredited which means that you can be sure that the wood in our products comes from managed, renewable forestry.

Our slat wall panels are manufactured in our UK plant near Durham, which makes over 40 tonnes of decorative wood products every day. If you were to lay out everything we produced in 2022, it would stretch from London to New York and back again!

How green are Slat Decor?

On February 20th 2023, BHK’s solar panel system went live. The total investment was £800,000 and it gave us the capacity to produce over 1.1 megawatts of power – enough to power around 400 homes. All our heating and hot water is produced using a biomass boiler that burns our waste, further reducing our ecological impact.
Our FSC accreditation ensures that the wood we use does not contribute to deforestation, and we only source wood that comes from British and Irish mills, which minimises transport emissions.

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Samples for all our products are available at £4.99 each and with FREE Delivery within the UK.

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We set out with a goal in mind: to provide quality slat panelling at prices that are affordable to everyone. Revitalising your home with a feature wall shouldn't be exclusive to those with only the deepest of pockets.