How does slat wall panelling improve acoustics?

Creating an inviting and comfortable environment involves more than just the visual aspects of design; the acoustic quality of a space also plays a crucial role. Slat wall panels, with their unique combination of style and functionality, offer an innovative solution to enhancing the acoustic properties of any room. In this blog, we delve into the ways slat wall panels can improve acoustics, transforming spaces into serene havens of sound.



Aesthetic appeal

Before we dive into the acoustic benefits, it’s worth noting the visual impact of Slat wall panels. With its clean lines and natural wood finishes, Slat wall panels add warmth and texture to interiors, complementing a wide range of design themes from minimalist to rustic. Its versatility allows for various applications, including wall coverings, ceiling features, and room dividers, making it a favourite among designers and homeowners alike.


Science of sound

Understanding how Slat wall panels improve acoustics begins with basic sound dynamics. Sound waves can either be absorbed, reflected, or diffused when they encounter surfaces. Hard, flat surfaces, like plain walls and ceilings, tend to reflect sound, leading to echoes and increased noise levels. This can make a room feel harsh and uncomfortable, especially in spaces designed for relaxation or concentration.


Absorption and diffusion: dual benefits of slat wall

Slat wall panels address most acoustic challenges by providing both absorption and diffusion of sound waves. The spaces between the slats allow for sound waves to enter and be absorbed by the felt material behind the slats, reducing reverberation and echo. This absorption effect is particularly beneficial in spaces with hard flooring and minimal soft furnishings, where sound can bounce around unchecked.

Moreover, the uneven surface created by the slats helps in diffusing sound. Instead of reflecting sound waves directly back into the room, the varied depths and angles of the slats scatter the sound in different directions. This diffusion creates a more even and pleasant sound distribution, eliminating “hot spots” of noise and enhancing speech intelligibility and musical clarity.



One of the advantages of Slat wall panels is its customisability. The spacing, depth, and orientation of the slats can be tailored to meet the specific acoustic needs of a space. For instance, wider gaps and deeper slats might be used in particularly echo-prone areas, while tighter configurations can be suitable for subtler acoustic adjustments. Additionally, the type of material used behind the slats can be chosen based on the desired level of sound absorption, from lightweight fabrics for moderate dampening to denser acoustic foams for more significant sound control.


Applications across different spaces

The application of Slat wall panels is not limited to residential spaces. Commercial environments, such as offices, restaurants, and hotels, can also benefit from its acoustic improvements. In open-plan offices, Slat wall panels can help reduce noise levels, making it easier for employees to concentrate and communicate. In restaurants, it can enhance the dining experience by balancing the ambiance and ensuring that patrons can enjoy conversations without strain. Hotels can use Slat wall panels to ensure guests have a quiet and restful environment, free from the disturbances of adjacent rooms or corridors.



Slat wall panels represent a convergence of aesthetic elegance and functional innovation. By improving room acoustics through sound absorption and diffusion, slat wall panels not only elevate the visual appeal of a space but also enhances its comfort and usability.


Whether in a cosy home setting, a bustling office, or a serene hotel, slat wall panels offer a stylish solution to acoustic challenges, making spaces more enjoyable and liveable.


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