Introducing Slat Décor: Scandi-inspired Slat Wall Panels for Every Budget

Here at Slat Décor, the balance between aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability come together, offering a fresh and innovative solution to home and workspace decor. In this blog, we’re giving you a little insight into our journey and our range of Slat Wall Panels. Read on!

What we do and why

Slat Décor was crafted with a vision: to meet the demands of those who crave both style and substance in their living, entertaining and working spaces.

Our eco-friendly Slat Wall Panels beautifully merge the minimalistic elegance of Scandi design with impressive acoustic benefits. We don’t see them as ‘just’ wall panels – they’re a transformative decor experience that speaks of sophistication, sustainability, and sound mastery.

You’ll love our Slat Wall Panels if:

You’re a Visionary:

Interior designers and architects seeking innovative solutions for commercial, retail, or residential projects will find a match in Slat Décor. Our Slat Wall Panels effortlessly elevate any space, making a statement that’s both stylish and functional.

For Luxe Seekers and Home Decor Mavens:

Whether a do-er upper or a new build, we understand that everyone wants to inject their own style and personality into their spaces. From living rooms to bedrooms, home offices to garden rooms – we’ve got you covered (well, your walls at least!).

If you adore the modern, timeless elegance of scandi-inspired interiors, eco-conscious luxury and have a penchant for design on a budget, thenyou’ll love our Slat Wall Panels.

Let us help you create, reimagine and transform the places where you work, live, rest and play.

“Luxury doesn’t always have to bear a hefty price tag. With Slat Décor, experience the premium feel without the premium price”

Our story: a bit about us

Slat Decor is part of the BHK Group, a trusted name in the world of wood-based components. With plants spread across Europe, the BHK Group is a well-regarded name among premier furniture and kitchen manufacturers in the UK and EU.

“Our FSC accreditation stands as a testament to our commitment – when you choose Slat Décor, you’re opting for products birthed from managed, renewable forestry.”

At the heart of Slat Décor, is a story of local craftsmanship…

Hailing from Peterlee, County Durham (UK), our panels are a testimony to British manufacturing prowess. We’ve integrated sustainability into every fibre of our process, ensuring that beauty doesn’t come at the expense of our planet.

We’re all about blending quality with affordability

“Making spaces beautiful should be a universal pleasure, not a privilege”

“Why should luxury be unattainable?,” says our MD Chris. “With Slat Décor, we’re redefining the boundaries.

We believe that a chic, sound-enhancing feature wall should be within everyone’s reach. That’s why we’ve priced our products with respect for your budget without skimping on quality.”

After all, adds Chris – making spaces beautiful should be a “universal pleasure, not a privilege”.

Ready to immerse yourself in the Slat Décor experience?

Let every wall echo with style and substance. View our product range and don’t forget to join our mailing list – as a thank you, you’ll get a special promo code to claim 5% off on your first order! That’s on top of the current 20% off introductory price – valid throughout October!

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We set out with a goal in mind: to provide quality slat panelling at prices that are affordable to everyone. Revitalising your home with a feature wall shouldn't be exclusive to those with only the deepest of pockets.