Mastering the Art of Slat Wall Panels: Your Comprehensive Guide

Slat wall panels have become a modern decor favourite, intertwining style with functionality. As you plan to integrate this design marvel into your living space, you’re bound to have questions. Here’s a comprehensive guide to address your most pressing queries about these panels.


Ease of Installation

Q: Is it tough to set up slat wall panels?

A: Not at all! Installing our panels is straightforward if you adhere to our Slat Wall Installation Guide. Even if you’re not a DIY pro, you’ll find the process quite intuitive.

Usability and Placement

Q: Where’s the best spot for my slat panels?

A: Our panels, crafted from untreated wood, are perfect for indoor spaces – think bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, boardrooms, and offices. However, avoid placing them in moisture-rich environments like bathrooms or kitchens since they’re not water-resistant.


Determining the Quantity and Size

Q: How do I figure out the size and number of panels needed?

A: Here’s a quick calculation: Divide your wall’s width by our standard panel width, which is 600 millimetres. For instance, a 3-metre wall would necessitate 5 panels.

Surface Suitability

Q: What surfaces work with slat wall panels?

A: Our panels adhere to nearly all flat household surfaces, be it brick, concrete, plywood, plaster, tile, or drywall. The installation nuances might vary with the surface. Before beginning, ensure the surface is clean, damage-free, and completely level using a spirit level.

Adhesion Tools

Q: What’s the best adhesive for these panels?

A: We recommend the Hodgson HS45 Sealant, available in our ‘Shop’ section. Typically, one tube suffices for three panels, especially when applied in a zig-zag pattern on the panel’s back.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Q: How do I keep my panels spick and span?

A: For everyday dust, a dry cloth works wonders. For persistent stains, use a non-bleaching cleaner sprayed onto a damp cloth, always wiping in the direction of the slat. Avoid solvent-based cleaners.

Lighting Integration

Q: Can I incorporate lighting with my slat walls?

A: Absolutely! Integrate spotlights between slats for added flair. Opt for low-wattage bulbs or LEDs to safeguard the slats from damage.

Customising Around Obstructions

Q: What if I have plug sockets on my wall?

A: No worries! Adjust the slat wall panels around any obstruction by simply cutting the slats and felt.

Decor Attachments

Q: Can I hang decorations on the slats?

A: Of course! Use nails, screws, or even adhesive strips to hang up decorations. Ensure heavier items are securely fastened to prevent damage.

Safety Measures

Q: How fire-resistant are these panels?

A: While our felt backing comes with a ‘Class B – s2 – d0’ fire rating, the panels themselves aren’t designed to be fire retardant.

Guarantees and Assurances

Q: Is there a customer guarantee for the slat walls?

A: For detailed information on guarantees and warranties, please refer to the terms and conditions on our website.

Sampling the Product

Considering a purchase but unsure about the aesthetics? Try out our product samples, available at a nominal price of £4.99, inclusive of free UK delivery.

With all your queries addressed, you’re now poised to make an informed decision.


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