Slat wall panel styling tips from the pros

Slat Wall Style Secrets: An interview with Chris, Managing Director of Slat Decor


Welcome, Chris! For design-savvy homeowners craving a refresh, Slat Wall feature walls seem like the ultimate statement piece. Can you walk us through the process, starting with where to even begin?

Chris: “Absolutely! Before diving in, consider your space. Will this wall be the living room’s focal point? An entryway showstopper? A calming bedroom haven? Choose a spot that complements its surroundings and allows the wall to shine.”


Size matters, too, right?

Chris: “Definitely! Smaller spaces might favour minimalism, while grand expanses can handle bolder designs. Remember, function matters too. Will your Slat Wall be purely aesthetic, or do you need storage and organisation? Planning for its role helps guide your design choices.”


Let’s talk colour and creativity! What are the possibilities with Slat Wall panels?

Chris: “We offer a range of hues, from classic neutrals to bold pops of colour. Experiment with two-toned combinations for visual interest. But don’t limit yourself! Mix in wood, metal, or fabric accents for texture and dimension. Woven baskets, sleek metal shelves, or warm wooden shelves can elevate your design.”


Lighting sounds crucial too…

Chris: “Absolutely! Strategically placed spotlights, sconces, or ambient lighting can highlight features, create depth, and set the mood. Don’t underestimate the power of lighting to transform your space.”


Now, onto styling! What are your favourite Slat Wall panel pro tips?

Chris: “Shelves are your best friends! Use them to showcase treasures, artwork, plants, or curated collections. Play with heights and depths for a dynamic display. And hooks aren’t just for coats! Hang macrame wall hangings, tapestries, or artwork for a unique touch. Don’t forget decorative baskets or hanging planters for greenery.”


How can mirrors be used with Slat Wall panels?

Chris: “Strategically placed mirrors can expand your space, reflect light, and add visual intrigue. Lean a large mirror against the wall or create a gallery of smaller ones for a touch of elegance.”

Do you have any DIY project ideas for our crafty readers?

Chris: “I do, actually! Channel your inner Mondrian with our geometric wall art project. Use contrasting SlatWall panels, paint them in various colours, and create shapes with masking tape. Cut them out (or leave them whole) and arrange them on your SlatWall, securing them with adhesive.”

Chris, any final words for our DIY slat wall enthusiasts?

Chris: “Just embrace the versatility of Slat Wall panels. With planning, creativity, and these tips, you can transform your blank canvas into a showstopping feature wall that reflects your unique style. Remember, the only limit is your imagination!”


We can’t wait to see the amazing creations inspired by this interview, don’t forget to tag us @slatdecor on instagram using the hashtag #MySlatDecorStory for a chance to be featured on our wall!


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