The Journey of a Panel: From Our Peterlee Production Site to Your Home

The journey of the sleek, stylish slat wall panels that adorn your walls is a tale of craftsmanship, precision, and dedication. Read on to learn more about the journey of a panel, from the bustling heart of our Peterlee production site straight to the cosy confines of your home!


Our solar-powered production site in Peterlee, Durham

1. Source Material Selection

Every great creation begins with selecting the perfect raw material. At our Peterlee site, we take immense pride in ensuring we choose only the highest-quality materials, be it real wood or MDF. Our team meticulously inspects each batch, ensuring it meets our stringent standards.

2. Design and Measurement Precision

The next phase involves translating design dreams into tangible panels. Armed with state-of-the-art tools, our designers delve into creating precise measurements that will guide the manufacturing process. Every millimetre counts to ensure a flawless fit in your homes.

3. Cutting and Shaping

With design blueprints in hand, our machinery hums into action. Advanced cutting tools carve out the panels with absolute precision. Whether it’s the smooth finish of an edge or the intricate design pattern, this step ensures that the panel’s shape is impeccably crafted.

4. Foil Coating for MDF Panels

For our MDF panels, this is the phase where they undergo the foil-coating process. A thin layer of foil is seamlessly adhered to the panel, granting it a visually appealing finish that mimics a plethora of wood finishes or any other desired texture.

5. Quality Inspection

Post-production, each panel is put under the scanner – quite literally. Our quality assurance team meticulously examines every panel for any potential flaws or discrepancies, ensuring that only the best make the cut.

6. Safe Packaging

Ensuring the panel remains unscathed during its journey is vital. Hence, our packaging process wraps each panel securely, protecting it against any bumps or jolts it might face on its way to you.

7. Dispatch and Delivery

With the packaging sealed, our fleet of delivery trucks embark on the journey, navigating through city lanes and suburban streets to bring your chosen panel right to your doorstep. Our efficient logistics network ensures timely and safe deliveries.

8. Installation and Transformation

While this isn’t a step that happens at Peterlee, it’s a significant part of a panel’s journey. As you, or your chosen professional, follow our Slat Wall Installation Guide, the panel finds its new home on your wall, transforming the space into a modern masterpiece.


Thornley Warm Oak feature wall panelling

Summing it up

The story of each panel is one of dedication, craftsmanship, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. At our Peterlee production site, every step, from sourcing to dispatch, is executed with a singular vision – to deliver excellence to your living and working spaces. When you look at your slat wall panel, remember the love and precision it embodies. It’s not just decor; it’s a piece of art, a story, a journey.


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