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5 Ways to Use Slat Wall Panels in Small Spaces

When living in a small space, every square inch counts. From tiny urban apartments to cosy cottages, finding ways to maximise and beautify these areas […]

When’s the prime time to kick off your home reno/DIY adventure?

Ever found yourself itching to dive into a home reno project but can’t quite pin down the best time to start? You’re not alone. Timing […]

Embrace spring renewal with our cracking easter offer: 20% off ALL slat wall panels!

Spring is more than just a season; it’s a feeling of renewal and fresh starts. As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, there’s […]

How does slat wall panelling improve acoustics?

Creating an inviting and comfortable environment involves more than just the visual aspects of design; the acoustic quality of a space also plays a crucial […]

Spring refresh ideas with Slat Wall panels

Spring is in the air! As the days grow longer and the world bursts into vibrant hues, it’s natural to crave a refresh for your […]

Slat wall panel styling tips from the pros

Slat Wall Style Secrets: An interview with Chris, Managing Director of Slat Decor   Welcome, Chris! For design-savvy homeowners craving a refresh, Slat Wall feature […]

Sprucing Up Your Space: Wall Panels vs. Slat Wall Panels

Thinking about giving your home or office a makeover? Great! You’re probably juggling a few ideas, and maybe the choice between traditional wall panels and […]

Home Refresh & DIY Checklist for Slat Wall Panel Installation

Pre-Installation:   Measure Your Space: Determine the area where you plan to install the slat wall panels. Measure height and width accurately. Choose Your Panels: […]

New Year Home Refresh Tips: Embracing 2024’s Interior and Home Decor Trends

As the new year rolls in, it’s the perfect time to refresh your home or workspace. 2024 brings exciting interior and home decor trends that […]

Transforming Your Space with Slat Wall Panelling: A Comprehensive Guide

Slat wall panelling is revolutionising modern interior design, offering a perfect blend of style and functionality. In this comprehensive guide, we go into a bit […]

Inside Slat Decor: the story behind our slat wall panels

Nestled in Peterlee, an ex-mining town near Durham, the heart of Slat Decor is a production centre that pumps out an astonishing variety and volume […]

Get Ready for 2024: The Hottest Home Interior Trends You’ll Absolutely Love

2024 is just around the corner, and it’s brimming with exciting trends that promise to transform your space into something truly special. From embracing the […]

How to Elevate Your Living or Workspace with Slat Wall Panels

Your environment can significantly impact your mood, productivity, and overall well-being, so it makes sense that elevating your living or workspace becomes not just a […]

7 Eco-Friendly Home Decor Tips for the DIY Decor Enthusiast

In 2023, it’s pretty fair to say that sustainability is not just a trend but a necessity; and combining eco-friendly practices with home design is […]

The Journey of a Panel: From Our Peterlee Production Site to Your Home

The journey of the sleek, stylish slat wall panels that adorn your walls is a tale of craftsmanship, precision, and dedication. Read on to learn […]

The Essence of Scandi Aesthetics: Crafting Your Cosy Nordic Haven

Scandinavian design, popularly known as Scandi aesthetics, is not just a design choice; it’s a lifestyle. With its minimalist approach, nature-inspired elements, and impeccable functionality, […]

Decoding Slat Wall Panels: Real Wood vs. MDF

Slat wall panels, with their sleek and modern design, have become an indispensable component of contemporary interiors. However, with the surge in popularity, the market […]

Mastering the Art of Slat Wall Panels: Your Comprehensive Guide

Slat wall panels have become a modern decor favourite, intertwining style with functionality. As you plan to integrate this design marvel into your living space, […]

5 Reasons Why Slat Wall Panels are the Next Big Thing in Modern Home Design

The beauty of slat wall panels lies not only in their minimalist design but also in their rich history. Originating from Japanese architectural traditions, the […]

DIY Slat Wall vs. Pre-Made Slat Wall Panels

Which Route to Take for Your Home Design? In the world of home interiors, the allure of crafting something with your own hands is always […]

Introducing Slat Décor: Scandi-inspired Slat Wall Panels for Every Budget

Here at Slat Décor, the balance between aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability come together, offering a fresh and innovative solution to home and workspace decor. In […]

slat wall wolviston walnut

How green are Slat Decor

How green are Slat Decor? On February 20th 2023, BHK’s solar panel system went live. The total investment was £800,000 and it gave us the […]

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